lundi 23 avril 2012

What did I learn this semester?

The notions and vocabulary I have learnt :


What is a good story?

intonation, rythm
gestures, mimes, facial expression
speak slowly and repeat
eye contact and participation

beginning, middle, end of a story
conflict internal, external, environmental
resolution of the conflict
villain and heroes

The difficulties I had this semester :

I am not really good with computers, so it was difficult to go on iTune for the podcasts and to make it on my blog.
At the beginning of the semester, I felt lost because I was not in this class at the first semester.
I am not so interesting in technology and making the blog was difficult.
I don't have the access to Internet very often and it was sometimes hard to have time to go on the internet.

Conclusion :

Even if I am not interesting in technology, I have discovered and learnt many things as websites. I think I will use again Wordle, Voicethread and perhaps Blogger! I think it is important to learn such things for a teacher, and I hope I will use these tools with my students. I have the impression that I am better in technologies and I have new tools for the future.
I also have the impression that I have improved my English listenning the podcasts and I have new notions and vocabulary I think it is important to know as a teacher.
The thing I have prefered was Voicethread because I like working in groups and I love create and imagine stories, we were also really free for write our stories and we had the choice for illustrate it. I think it's a very good think to propose to students.
So my conclusion is very positive, I think we were considered as adults in this class and not as students. I have prefered the second part of the semester but the whole semester is very positive.

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